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Bio/ Training

Ron and LaNette are the founders of ShyAnn's Hope. LaNette is a Speaker-Trainer-Author-Vocalist. She and her husband have served in Foster Care, The New Mexico Girls Ranch, Buckner's Children's Home in Texas, and Southern Peaks Regional Treatment Center, in Colorado. Together they have hundreds of training hours in the field of hurting and broken individuals. LaNette holds a Bachelor's of Science from Liberty University which includes extensive training in Pastoral Care, with Certification as a Christian Life Coach and various Certifications from Light University. LaNette is a speaker who brings praise and worship to your venue. She has trained at her home church in the Renewing and Rebuilding Program and Being a Barnabas for hurting women. LaNette was elected Leader for their small group and was contracted as the Team Leader at Woodmen Valley Chapel for the Single Parent Hands and Heart Ministry and helped implement the program. 

Ron is a Contractor, Certified Trainer for OSHA, educated in city, state, and county building codes and guidelines. And will oversee all aspects of helping single families to become home owners. Ron will aid in the remodeling or house repairs as needed, while assisting the families to take pride in ownership, with hands on involvement. The couple plan to travel across numerous states partnering with churchs, businesses, and organizations to build the programs for Women, Single, and Teen Families. The couple have been married for 31-years with 2 living children, 7 grandchildren and reside in Colorado.

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I can hear your concern for the moms that you ministered to and
appreciate your heart and your service. Your passion and care
for these single moms/families is evident and the impact
of your ministry with them will last far longer.
And we pray that you will be successful in the future.

Sincerely, Pastor Josh
Woodmen Valley Chapel 

Extensive Leadership Training

Volunteers make up a huge part of how a church, or organization functions. Yet are given very little training on how to work with hurting individuals. We train from the "Code of Ethics within Pastoral Care and Christian Counseling" under the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). And The National Evangelical Statement of Faith. Our training program educates the volunteers on how to become aware of problems, how to be accountable, and how to deal with hurting and broken individuals without causing them more pain. Further, we teach what to do or not to do if there is a problem with an individual attending a church or involved with another organization. This training is mandatory before individuals will be ready to work with the families within our programs. We must never forget that the enemy’s ultimate goal is to kill, steal, and destroy, (John 10:10) and he will use anyone, whenever an opportunity arises, to achieve his goal. Becoming authentic is one of our teaching tools.

Therefore, our volunteers are taught how to be real and honest and what they need to do to establish healthy boundaries, and trusting relationships. Since our greatest conviction in BASA (Believers Against Spiritual Abuse) is to protect the Church, we will never bad mouth or reveal names of churches or organizations guilty of spiritual abuse. We stand with integrity to honor Christ with discernment and approach our trainings with mercy. We realize every human being has problems, and sometimes individuals who volunteer with good intentions have their own unresolved issues that can distort the love of Christ with fiery darts and cause some of the worst pain that an already hurting person could ever imagine. "The Church is the only place they shoot their own wounded" (J Linbeck, 2015).
“Church is a hospital full of wounded believers where wounded leaders are trying to be healers. Leaders who have serious problems don’t know who they can talk to because they could be judged and chastised. We so often see the blind and wounded trying to lead the blind and wounded. We need to quit pretending we have it all together” (Joyce Meyer).
Walking in Grief Together

Ron and LaNette offer a heartfelt, grief comfort, and support setting within ShyAnn’s Hope. They have experienced a tremendous amount of loss, tragedy, adversity, and heartache, but have learned how to persevere and press on through an amazing relationship with God through Christ by the Holy Spirit. Within a 12-year period from 2004 to 2015, the couple lost both their fathers; LaNette’s grandparents, who taught her about Jesus, (died within six months of each other). The couple lost three brothers, two within a year of each other. LaNette’s oldest brother died in her arms at the University of Utah Burn Center. And her younger brother died when he was only 42 from a condition which caused his heart to stop.
At the young age of 32, unexpectedly and tragically, they lost their beloved youngest daughter. The loss of their daughter was crippling and traumatic. The pain is still there but through Christ, they have been given incredible, tender mercy miracles, which they want to share with anyone who has experienced loss. Their story offers hope and comfort to press on with life rather than regress and lose opportunities to experience the love and power of God. Jesus is a salve to sooth the wounds which He promised for all those who suffer grief.
Pictured below: 1997 Anaheim, California. Speakers Convention with LaNette, and Jean, and Casey Kasem.
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