ShyAnn's Hope

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Theresa went through a very difficult divorce. Her teen children regressed into depression and quit going to school. Since truancy is against the law, her children were placed in the Juvenile Courts where they met delinquents who introduced them to drugs. The result was catastrophic for this family. We firmly support that youth should stay in school; however, we are questioning that truancy is a responsibility issue, not a criminal offense. We want to stand with the families to protect their children, encourage school, and offer support and resources that are not available to them. We are currently working towards home ownership for this family.

The picture below is a success story of a young man from a single mom's home. He really struggled in school, but thanks to the support he received from those who truly cared about him, he was able to graduate with his high school class. Both his brother and sister (pictured) persevered and graduated as well. The three of them broke the cycle of high school drop out patterns.

We first met Jenna at the New Mexico Girls Ranch when she was 13. She had been placed there because her adoptive parents decided her issues were beyond their comfort zone. This child was not only hurt by her birth parents through abuse and neglect, but also by her adoptive parents, with rejection and the inability to accept her. When Jenna's time at the Ranch was over, she had no choice but to return to her adoptive family who made her, and her brother live in a trailer in the back of their house with no hot water.  Even though Social Services did nothing to help the young teens. Jenna excelled and went on to serve three years in The National Guard and one tour in Iraq. Ironically by the grace of God, Jenna ended up in the same city as us, and we have reconnected with her. During her military career, something happened to Jenna that left her with further PTSD. As the result, she was unable to remain in Military Service and lost all her benefits and ended up incarcerated for a while. In the meantime, custody of her son was stolen from her, and her daughter lives hundreds of miles away.  Our prayer is to cover all aspects of Jenna's emotional needs, legal issues credit repair, possible relocation near her children, and home ownership.

Tina: A single mom was put in jail for two days because her daughter was on juvenile probation for truancy and had friends over, thus violating her probation. Shortly after this, her son was taken away and placed in foster care because he refused to go to school. A DHS worker contacted her job and since she now had a felany, they had to let her go. Up until now, she had a spotless background record. She lost her job, her home, and her car blew up all around the same time. Within the community, there was no support or resources available to help her. Currently she lives in the basement at her mom's home. Shortly after all the losses, she was excited to find a new, higher paying  job. Unfortunately after two weeks, managment let her go because of her negative background check. However, she was able to dispute the new job seperation and was allowed her to return. Our program cannot change the laws, but we can walk along side with help, encouragment, and resources so the hardships do not destroy self-worth or worse.
Kim is a strong believer and a hard-working mom with two children and makes a good income. However, she has an ex-husband in prison and receives very little to no child-support, and medical insurance takes a big bulk of her income. She is staying with family because even with a good wage, her housing preapproval rate to purchase a home is way below the home availability in her area. Rent is higher than a house payment. She struggles with past descions and has a deep heart's desire to make changes and become a home owner for the sake of her children

Melanie is a believer, has one daughter and four rescue Dogs. She was nearly homeless and was blessed to find a Landlord who understood her need to keep her dogs, and has agreed to rent to her for the time being. She is a hard working single mom, has been with the same company for 11 years, and desires to own a home. However, she makes too much money for any state help and medical insurance takes a huge chunk out of her paycheck. She is preapproved to purchase a home, but no homes are available in a one income lower price range. She is the founder of In addition, Melanie hosts a yearly fundraiser to help raise funds for K-9 unit rescue shelters. Our housing program would be beneficial for her to find a home since a fixer-upper is all she can afford. The benefit is that her payments would be far less than rent. Currently she is working on credit repair.

Z is a gifted young women who loves the Lord. One day out of the blue, her husband left the family due to infidelity. She has three children and a job that offers only 10 hours a week. Her ex-husband pays no child support. With the church's help she was able to move back to her home state. However, she still struggles to support her children and as of today has not been able to find a high enough paying job, even with her degree, and she cannot afford childcare and rent. 

 The absence of dads is a detrimental epidemic which is causing the downfall of many young people. Fathers not in the home and not paying child support are most generally the reasons our young people fall into drugs, quit school, and end up within the juvenile court system. Our prayer is to help fathers to realize their God given purpose and responsibility to stand firm in Christ with their children, even if the relationship with his spouse has failed. However, whenever possible, our ultimate goal is to bring healing to the family through reconciliation. Further, as we walk along with the young men in the programs, we strive to teach them of their profound role for the future.